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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Meltdown will commence in 5, 4,3,2,1......

This Saturday started out like any other Saturday, we got up and got Regan ready for soccer.  The only difference was Regan was in a really bad mood.  Regan and  Parker's friends Teagan and Finn came over last night and they were up until after 10 pm playing.  Today was bring a buddy to soccer day and Regan was bringing Teagan.  The concern was more waking Teagan because Miss Teagan does not like to be woken and is not a morning person, but she was up and ready for soccer, Regan was a whole other story this particular Saturday.

She complained about her socks, her pants, her sweatshirt, she would chant soccer, soccer then 2 minutes later cry she wanted her daddy and didn't want me to take her.  She then would chase me down the hallway wanting me, then telling me she was staying home.  Meltdown #1

 I should have known this morning was not going to go well.  It was time to leave and Regan picked a movie for the car and insisted on bringing coloring books and crayons for her and Teagan.  I kept telling Regan that it was a short drive and there is not time or need to color, but she wouldn't have it and grabbed everything, dropped it all then threw herself onto the floor.  Meltdown #2

We picked up Teagan and Jenn, stopped by McDonald's, got some breakfast and smoothies and headed to soccer.  Everyone seemed in a good mood, or so we thought.

We arrived at soccer and the indoor soccer arena is cold, but once you start running around you warm up.  Regan who usually runs it and starts following her coaches instructions grabbed onto me, wanted her coat, started crying she was cold and refused to put her own coat on and wanted me stand by me.  Meltdown #3

She finally started running around with Teagan and the other kids and I thought we were in the clear until the started kicking the soccer ball and she kicked her ball to the other end and decided she didn't want to get it.  Teagan went and got it for her, she started crying she wanted to get it so she kicked it back but then again refused to go get it.  The one coach went and got it and that is when meltdown #4 went into full effect.  She threw herself on the ground, cried, big crocodile tears running down her face.  I thought ignoring her might help, but she got louder, everyone was looking at us and all the other kids were asking what was wrong with her.  I tried to calm her down while the coach and kids started another drill, Regan still continued to cry, tell me she was going home, she wanted daddy, she wanted the hoola hoops.  I told her they weren't doing the hoola hoop drill today, she cried louder.  Had we not driven Teagan and Jenn, we would have been outta there 5 minutes into it..  Reagan was supposed to be showing her friend how much fun soccer was but instead she was too busy competing for best dramatic actress.  They then started the last drill and Regan decided she wanted to do the cones.  I told her she couldn't do the cones anymore, that drill was over and she was to busy crying to participate, that made her cry louder.  At this point I was really wishing their was rum in my diet coke I had with me.

Soccer was then over and it was time to leave which caused Meltdown #5 because Regan then decided she wanted to play soccer.  She cried all the way to the car, said she didn't want the rest of her smoothie, I went to throw it away and she started screaming she wanted it.  She then just whimpered all the way home and looked half asleep.  She said she wanted it quiet because she was tired.  She was tired?? I am pretty sure we were all tired of her!!

We dropped Teagan and Jenn off and Teagan was all smiles and had so much fun at soccer despite her friends meltdowns and crying, what a trooper.  We came home, Regan went and took a  little rest in her room and then came out and said she was calm and calm now.  I told Clint he is taking her next week because I am DONE!  I quit!!!! LOL   One problem.. mommy's can't quit :(  

I have this image of what I like my mother/daughter time to look like.

Instead I look more like this.

I know she was tired but every Saturday she goes out and plays like Pele', the one day her friend comes she has 10 kinds of drama.   I think it is time for us all to go to bed, wake up and start our day over.


  1. So glad I have no children..u should be a saint baby sis...that blog is bc for

  2. Of course...isn't that what always happens...when you are so excited to share something and then it looks like maybe you made it better than it really is!

  3. All week she has been telling me she is going to play soccer next time and not cry. I told her too bad Teagan wont get to see it.