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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dysfunction Junction

I took a trip that most people who know me were very surprised about.  I went to San Diego for my 40th birthday to visit my sister.  My sister and I have had a love/hate relationship for most of our life with it mostly being hate.  Hate may be a strong word, but we always seemed to struggle with getting along.
Growing up I idolized my sister, I called her sissy, followed her everywhere and thought she was the greatest.
Unfortunately, I don't think she ever felt the same way.  I am pretty sure she thought of me the same way Regan feels about Parker, "her little bother"  If I wrote all the things my sister did to me as a child, this blog would go on for days so I will narrow it down to the top 3 traumatic ones.
1) shoving my head through the rod iron stair railing.
2) tying me up, gagging me and leaving me in the neighbors garage
3) making me be toto while she was Dorothy, putting a dog leash on me, dragging me around and kicking me.
Because of these events could possibly be the reason I spent the next many, many years of my life in therapy.

Later I just realized that the problem was that she was mad because I was the Marcia 

and she was the Jan.

we didn't have a Cindy, but you get the idea~LOL
I never understood why she didn't like me, everyone loves a cute little sister, right?

We spent the next many years getting along, not getting along, getting along, not getting along... you get the idea/pattern.

It took us almost 40 years to realize that we are the only sisters we have so we might as get along or it could be we are just medicated now and medication makes the world a much happier, balanced place for us.

I don't think my sister ever realized how much I loved her and there were many days I envied her life.  Our lives are in 2 very different places but now that we are older and slightly wiser we finally have that mutual respect for the life the other has chosen for themselves. 

I had the most amazing time with my sister and I could not have had a better time or spent it with a more fun person.  While my sister sometimes has no filter, is very  loud and can't drive for anything, she certainly knows how to show a person a good time.

While we can never get back the time we lost fighting and being bitter, we can now move forward towards being the sisters we should be to each other, even though I will always be the Marcia :)


  1. I find it hilarious that you think your sister has no filter. The thing I love about you is that you just tell things like they are....and have no filter!!! LOL

  2. Girl... those are fighting words!!! I am coming back over to take that present back~LOL I asked Clint if he thought I had no filter and he said maybe not as bad as your sister! NOT the answer I was looking for~haha