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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wine Tasting or Bust

While in San Diego my sister planned a wine tasting in Temecula.  She sent out an invite to all her friends, with her picture.  We were slightly confused as it was my birthday and not hers, but that is what makes my sister so wacky.  She finally changed the picture to me, gathered up her friends, we all dressed up in our cutest clothes 
and the hot mess express headed an hour north for wine country.
First Stop~ Callaway Vineyard & Winery which was under remodel and was very cold and looked like a dungeon, but we had coupons so we were ready to get our drink on.  We decided not to stay long and move on to the next place.  As we were getting ready to leave we spotted this group of guys who were either coming from an 80's party or completely clueless that is was 2011 and not 1985.  I tried to discreetly get a picture only to be totally busted. They decided to pose for a picture and after Cheena yelled it was my birthday, so they graciously invited me into the picture.  The reason my eyes are closed and I am cringing would be because this wanna be Blane look a like from Pretty In Pink was attempting to stick his tongue in my ear while he slurred to me how hot I looked for 40.  Cheeseballs, party of 2, your table is ready

Next Stop~Stuart Cellars
More wine, yes please and lots of it.  This was a beautiful winery and the best part was we drank for free, the bartender never even took our tickets and we had our own glasses since my sister is a "pro" wine tester she knows all the tricks.

ahhh, this is the life......

Now we are  tipsy and hungry so off to Maurice Carrie Winery for pineapple champagne and brie bread.  yummmmmm brie bread I could live in a house of bread and cheese and eat my way out, it is my dream, without gaining all the weight, of course.  This was the best bread EVER and combined with pineapple champagne, all I can say is I was I had died and gone to heaven.  I also picked up a little gift for myself while I was there, this is a glass all moms should have and deserve.

Next stop~Ponte which I am pretty sure we are banning and are supposed to de-friend them on facebook because they made my sister mad, the bartenders were rude and they wanted $20.00 per person for a tasting.  It was by far the most beautiful winery and the views were amazing, but I was told I am not allowed to like them so I don't.

It was getting late, the winery's were getting ready to close so we had to hightail it to our last stop~ Wilson Creek Winery.  The reason this winery was so special is because they serve an almond champagne in a chocolate shot glass that you can eat after your drink your champagne.

Sadly since I have a nut allergy, I could not drink the almond champagne, but I was able to get a chocolate shot glass and eat it and might I add it was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!
It was time to go and I was sad to leave but it was one of the best days I had ever had.  The car ride home was hilarious filled with lots of laughs.  By the time we got back I was tired and had a headache ( thanks to my sister's driving who might I add, drives like a maniac)  She calls it defensive driving, I call it road rage.  

While the rest of them changed and headed back out to the bar, I changed into my jammies, sat on the coach, finished off the last of the wine we had opened the night before and fell asleep on the couch with sweet dreams of one of the best birthdays ever.


  1. That sounds like a blast. Kudos to Tammy for planning such a great trip! Jamie

  2. I did not yell. I just clearly stated it was your birthday. Also, their other sweater tied around the neck friend offered to take a pic with me in it too. But I politely declined so I wouldn't steal your birthday thunder. Glad you had fun.