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Monday, February 14, 2011


 Today was a day filled with assumptions, which is never a good thing.  First assumption happened this morning, I told my husband I would give him his Valentine's gift before the kids got up.  He was all smiles standing in his robe and said something like "I'm ready or it's about time", I don't remember his exact quote.  He did get this gift and the best part is the top which I did not take a picture of says BE OPTIMISTIC.  Good thing I married a man with a sense of humor.  

Second assumption also by my husband is since it's Valentine's Day that sex is a given and after the day I am having I am thinking not likely.

I assumed that when I wrote the post Church Lady that my mom wouldn't feel like I had insulted her and her religion.  It was not my intent to insult any, I was just stating my opinion, it's a free country after all, but my mom may disagree about that now that Obama is in office ( sorry mom, I had to say that!)

I also assumed my husband wouldn't read my blog so much and correct some of the stuff I say.  By the way, I should add that if it wasn't for him, I may not have ever gone back to church.

Next assumption came at work when I received a phone call and someone made a very horrible assumption about meYes, I realize that I tend to be over sensitive and can be a drama queen at times ( imagine that), but this was the kind of assumption no one should make without having their facts straight.  It was the kind of assumption that left me in tears and will have me marching into this woman's office tomorrow looking for her supervisor , the bitch has been unleashed and it is not going to be pretty.

Yet then another assumption came at the kids school during the Valentine's lunch when the kids where all looking at their Valentine boxes and what they received from their friends.  The mom at our table said "Oh this is from Regan, this is really fancy, Regan's mom must have alot of time on her hands"  She didn't realize Regan and her mom were sitting right next to her.  If I hadn't been so upset about the lady that made me cry an hour earlier, the bitch might have been unleashed at her, but in a much nicer PTA mom kind of way.

I then assumed I could hide the fact that I was not having a good day, but my friend Melody called me out on that and told me I don't hide it very well and she is correct, I need to work on that. :)

I then had to speak a a Methodist woman's circle tonight and I assumed it might be boring. Because of the bad day I was having I didn't really want to go, but I had committed so I wasn't going to back out.  They were my moms age, some older, but very kind and quite entertaining.  They are big supporters of the children's program, were very interested in what I had to say, served me coffee , dessert and even gave me a little gift for coming out to talk to them. One fell asleep while I was talking, but everyone else was interested.

The only assumption that was right on target today was I knew my kids would be wired on Valentine candy and would meltdown causing a very stressed out and tired mommy to need a glass of wine.



  1. sorry for calling you out on the bad day! You usually come in bustling with energy but you were definitely not yourself. Thank you so much for the pampered chef book. I didn't get a chance to look at it because Jessica scooped it up with the hoardes of cookies her kids decorated but she has promised to deliver it back to me this morning... I think she secretly wanted to take a peek.

  2. No, No, please don't apologize at all. I know that I am not good with hiding my feelings and have been called out on it by other friends.
    I am so glad you liked the cookbook, you deserve it :)

  3. Sorry that happened...and we all have crappy days and sometimes we can't always shrug off the stuff we wish we's okay! Glad it was all resolved later!