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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Every party has a planner

I love to plan parties, in a perfect world, I would have my own party planning business that would be super successful and make kids all over town happy.  I have no experience or training in event or party planning but it is something I have always loved to do.

No matter where I have worked I always seem to be the person they have asked to plan or help with something party related.  Even if I didn't have the time I would still do it because in my mind I always had grand ideas I wanted to bring to life.  Of course my grand ideas took alot of time and money which where never in the budget,  I always had champagne taste on a beer budget.

Poor Clint had no idea what he got himself into when he asked me to marry him, that was one heck of a party and not a cheap one either, but it was our wedding, we were paying for it so why not have the party you want, right?

Regan's 1st birthday party was celebrated in pure princess style.

Birthday parties for my kids were no exception either until one year when I went way overboard.  I then realized as much as I love my children, staying up until 4am night after night prepping one month in advance for a party for a one and two year old probably wasn't totally necessary nor will they even remember it.
We had 60+ people, it was a Dora/Diego pirate party, food, games, goody bags, crafts and this amazing cake my friend made.  After that party, I decided to scale them down, ALOT.  I would like to add we asked that instead of gifts donations be made to The Ronald McDonald House of Cincinnati in the kids names.  While everyone didn't do that, I wanted at an early age for my kids to learn that birthdays aren't all about the gifts.  They do get gifts, but we also like to have donations made in their names as well.  Surprisingly I can not find one good picture of Regan from this party~grrrrrr.

The next year was more low key and they chose a Thomas party.  We did a small friends party and then a separate family party.  Once again, my timing was off with Parker' haircut and his hair looks like a badly placed toupee :(
Regan loves a good party, just like her mommy.
We also celebrate on the kids actually birthday also and a family party, so they have 3 parties actually with 3 different cakes.  Wow, am I starting to sound like a lunatic?

Last year we decided to have the kids party somewhere other than our house.  We had a large size party combined with both kids but we didn't have to deal with much and it was the last year the kids would have a combined party.  The party planner in me was stating to get sluggish.

We also celebrated at home too.   This year I remembered to get Parker a haircut :)
Kyle had parties from 1 year up until he was 16.  He had clowns, Chuck E Cheese, Bowling, Movies just to name a few.  Clint always asks me when did it become necessary to have these extravagant parties with loads of friends and goody bags.  Every party has a pooper that's why we invited you.. Clint Dameron.

Growing up my sister and I always had family parties, I didn't have friends parties and it was fine because I didn't know I was missing anything. My mom always made our birthday specials.
Family parties from my dads side was another story.  Gifts consisted of crazy items like a burlap sack that my mom would throw away from Uncle Tommy and a Farah Fawcett doll from My Uncle Wildman
Come to think of it, this may be why my sister considers her birthday a national holiday and celebrates all month long.

 I also have dabbled in some catering/holiday/baby shower planning.  While again, I had no experience, they were always a hit and I was asked if I could be booked to do more.  I finally realized that I couldn't do these on my own and to hire people to help would leave me very little profit, so I hung up my apron.  It was also an easier decision since Clint was offered the job in Oregon.

I now plan monthly parties for the kids at church with a different theme for Parent's Night Out.  I spend weeks planning several months out in advance, researching, budgeting and putting it all together.  I do have help, but being the perfectionist and control freak that I am, it is hard for me to just hand a list out.  This, of course is why I am probably always stressed out.

It is now time to plan this years birthdays.  Kyle will 18, Regan 5 and Parker 4.  Kyle is going back to Cincinnati for his, so that was easy.  Of course an 18 year old would rather spend time with his friends and girlfriend than his mom, step-dad and siblings.  Parker really doesn't care as long as his sister isn't there since she keeps telling him he is now allowed at hers.  Regan, following in the footsteps of her mother has been planning her princess party for months.   I can only imagine what she will want for her 16th. I guess I better start saving now or start selling my organs because that is how she likes to rolls.... Big Money, Big Party, NO Whammies! :)

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  1. Regan's first party outfit was adorable. And I absolutely love the Dora/Diego pirate ship cake and cupcakes. I have never seen anything like it.
    You definitely have a talent for the party thing!