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Saturday, February 19, 2011

All the single Barbies

My sweet Regan is very independent, she will never be a pushover and I am thankful for that.  My daughter also may have inherited the "no filter" gene that my sister and I seem to have.

When Kyle was Regan's age he would say things that were maybe a tad embarrassing like asking the waitress at Frisch's why she had no teeth or asking the old person sitting next to us why he smelled funny.  I soon found out my child was not the only one who said things like this and they would soon grow out of it and learn how to be more discreet and he did.  Kyle was also more a calm, laid back child while Regan is very loud, vocal and kind of my wild child and I find her comical, most of the time.

This morning we went to soccer and she informed  her coach that she was once again bringing sexy backThen she said I like my booty, look at my booty when they went to play the game where a shirt hangs out of the back of your pants.  Some of the parents looked at me kind of strange as I was giggling, I guess they thought I should have been beet red?

We then went from soccer to Target, as we got off the highway she saw Target and said "Oh mommy, there is my favorite store in the while wide world.  I love Target more than my little dude (Parker)".  That must be some serious love, I love Target, alot, but I'm not sure I love it more than my kids or husband, I'll have to think about that one :)

We were in the Barbie aisle looking at stuff and she was telling me all the stuff she wanted for her birthday. This one lady and her daughter were looking and her and Regan struck up a Barbie conversation.  They were buying some Barbie clothes and Regan started taking about how her and her Barbies like to be naked.  I am pretty sure a bunch of naked Barbies chilling in the Barbie dream and hot tub naked does not mean she will grow up to be a stripper or run a brothel. The naked thing is a family thing, most of the girls in our family ran around or stripped off their clothes alot as children.  Some in the family still like to be naked, I am guessing in the privacy of their own homes, don't know, don't want to know.

She then informed the checkout lady that we loved Target more than her little dude so we left him at home and he wasn't getting anything from Target since he had been bad and wouldn't stay out of her room.  She looked at me like she wanted to call the police on me until I explained, he was home his dad and his sister was just being silly.   She then informed her and the people behind us about her "booty itch" and how she has booty cream and likes to run around the house naked.   Muzzle, yes please!

We then went to McDonald's because they had the new barbie fairies in the happy meals and she really wanted one and we needed to get lunch so off we went to McDonald's.  She started playing with her Barbie and started single " All the single barbies" and told me "daddy Ken likes it and needs to put a ring on it".  Maybe we should start listening to the Laurie Berkner band in the car and not Beyonce or Justin Timberlake anymore.  I thought she was listening to her show with those headphones on, but it appears she can do 2 things at once.

She likes to tell people how mommy has a tattoo and how she wants one just like me and how she wants her nose pierced to.  People look at me funny, but do they really  think I would let my almost 5 year old get a tattoo or nose piercing, her ears aren't even pierced.  I had a friend ask the opinion on facebook if a piercing would affect her children negatively because she was interested in getting her nose done.  The opinions were interesting but what stood out is how one woman said what parents do don't have as much impact as what there friends do.  While that is a scary thought, people who have judged me for having 2 tattoos and 2 piercings while thinking that impacts my children negatively can kiss my ass.

My children had dropped a dammit from time to time and we have told them that is not an appropriate word to use and they can say dominoes instead.  While we don't encourage that language and immediately tell them they should not use those words,  I would like to meet the parents who think they are perfect and have perfect kids.  We tend to chuckle because it is kind of funny to hear them say it.  Does that make me a bad mommy? I don't think so, others might disagree.

I have relatively well behaved children who have good manners, play well with others
(except if it is with each other), do well in pre-school, go to Sunday school, say prayers before meals and bed, are kind to others and are happy and healthy.   I don't judge the tiger moms so if you are one and are judging me, then stop!

I must go and catch my half naked , booty obsessed daughter because all the single Barbies have a date tonight and we must go get them dressed, unless Regan decides they are going to a nudist colony, which wouldn't surprise me.


  1. So domino funny! Keep in coming - I am going to make you my kids Godmommy!

  2. I am the one who runs around naked still in family...buahahaha!

    this is flippin hilarious....