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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

40 and fashionable or fashion faux pas?

Hey, did you hear forty is the new twenty?  There are many women who are moms, are over 40, talented, smart, and are smokin' hot!  Put that combination together and the MILF is born.  Is MILF a compliment and do I really want to be one or referred to as one? 

I just turned 40 and some may say or think I am having a little mid life crisis.  I took a weekend trip without my husband or kids, I partied harder than I had in many, many years and I got my nose pierced.  I have been wanting to get my nose pierced for quite awhile but never really had the opportunity or alone time to do it. I also bought a pair of black peep toe stilettos that while drinking wine for some reason I thought would be a super cool idea.  Where am I ever going to wear them? PTA meetings, soccer games? I am not quite sure, but when I do I am going to be rocking those shoes.

I also purchased something that I didn't think I ever would and my facebook friends know this because when the topic came up, I was very vocal about how I would NEVER wear these.   I was walking through the mall last night after picking up a book that my son informed me at the last minute he needed for school.  I walked by Aeropostale and they were having a 50% all jeans.  I love Aeropostale jeans because 1) they sell size "short" which is hard to find in any pant and 2) they always have sales and I can get my jeans for usually $20 & under.  Being 40 I should have bypassed Aeropostale and headed straight for JCPenney where they sell Lee Riders relaxed fit "mom jeans" and Gloria Vanderbilt.  Yep, did you know they make Gloria Vanderbilt jeans?  I wore those in grade school. Did you know Anderson Cooper is her son and he is my secret boyfriend; that is beside the point. 

I bought my first pair of skinny jeans a few weeks ago and really like them, I thought I was looking at another pair and the girl said these are the "jeggings".  I replied I can't wear these, I am too old and don't have the body.  Obviously when you work on commission you learn to become a good, no, great liar and she was good.  Little miss 19 year old, 90 lb skinny chick convinced me to buy a pair of "jeggings" and also convinced me they looked good on me.  I'll see you in hell, I'll save you a spot next to me and thank you once again for lying  to this 40 year old mom She convinced me I could wear them with boots and I would look fab and proceeded to tell me how cool it was that I was a mom with a nose ring,.  Guess who owns a pair of "jeggings"?  Yes, I bought them because....  can you say SUCKER? Is it possible I was still drunk from my San Diego trip?

This morning I put on my "jeggings" and asked my husband if my butt looked big or if they looked stupid.  Like any smart husband he said they looked fine, but I am still not convinced by his answer.  I wore a longer black sweater I scored at Macy's for $3.00 and my new purple boots I bought in San Diego for $20.

I would never wear them like the model pictured above unless I looked like the model pictured above.  With a longer top and boots they look pretty similar to my skinny jeans, I think.  The jury is still out on this look, at least for this 40 year old. 


  1. You are so funny! I love it! We need to go shopping together, I am quite the bargin shopper, too. And come over here and I'll tell you how your jeans look on your skinny butt! :)

  2. Well, I have to complement you - you did look H-O-T yesterday for a trip to NW Kids Club!

  3. LMAO! You are hilarious and you CAN pull off the skinny jeans look. Love the purple boots too! Even more, I love that they only cost you $20. I have some gray boots like yours and I get compliments on them all the time. They were $20 at Burlington's. LOL