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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Church Lady

I work part time at a church, some find that an unlikely place for me to be employed since I don't seem to be your typical "church" person.  I am not sure what a typical church person or employee looks like but it appears some people do.

I have always believed one can be strong in their faith and still be a fun person as well as go out and have fun. I don't encourage others within the church to drink, I don't encourage the youth to drink or party.  I am of legal age and a responsible adult and what I do outside the church should really be no ones business.  If I was stripping or posing for Playboy that would be one thing.  If I was posing for Playboy, I wouldn't need to be working in the church, I would be rolling with Hugh and living La Vida Loco.  Sadly, I don't have the body of a playboy model, so that ship has sailed.

I grew up and was raised Catholic, my mom is very old school Catholic. My sister and I went to catholic grade school and high school.  Growing up I had to go to mass during the week, church music during the week, Religion class and church on Sundays.  Once we got to a certain age we were able to decide if we wanted to go to church or not and I stopped going.  I felt like religion was shoved down my throat and I didn't go back for a very long time.

I didn't go back to church until after Clint and I got married and we were married in a Methodist church.  My mom is OK with it but says she keeps praying that I will find my way back to the Catholic church.  She is going to be praying a longgggg time because I am never going back.  I believe God is happy that we go to church and it doesn't matter which one as long as we are there on Sunday and we live a good life and are helpful and kind to others.  My mom disagrees, therefore we don't discuss religion because we will always agree to disagree.  Personally when I see the priest of her church rolling around town in his pimped out Lexus, I can't help but think they are all about the money.  I don't mean to insult any Catholics out there and to each there own when it comes to Religion.  From my experience in the Catholic church, they are always asking for money to "upgrade" something or buy something that may not be necessary.  I know many priests may not take the vow of poverty anymore and why should they when they can make the big bucks and roll around in fancy cars.   I shall now get off my soap box about this :)

I became very active in our church back in Cincinnati and met some amazing people.  Our church also had a pre-school that our kids went to and through the pre-school I also met more amazing people.  I was very sad to leave but as our director of Children's Ministries told me God had a purpose for me and it was to go to Oregon and teach a new church everything I had learned.  I did finally feel like I had a purpose and felt we were brought out here for a reason (other than my husbands job)

I was hired by the church sight unseen, I did a phone interview and my resume and sparkly personality obviously won them over.   Who could not like me, right?! I was excited to be hired because I finally felt like I had a purpose other than mommy and it was something I really wanted to do.  It was part time and I could work around my kids school schedules, it was the prefect job for me.  I am not quite sure they knew what to expect when I showed up my first day.   Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, people went out of there way to make sure that my whole family was adjusting OK.  Everyone I work with and the entire church congregation is amazing and I feel so blessed to know be in this community.  
I have had a few woman sneer at the way I dress or my shoes.  I remember one lady asking how I was going to take care of children in "those shoes"?  I felt like saying  "listen biotch, I can run a marathon in these shoes so mind your own damm business", but the church Meredith kindly said "they are quite comfortable and I can take care of the children just fine, thank you"  Church Meredith has learned to bite her tongue, ALOT!

I am pretty sure I have brought alot of spunk and sass into the church.  I really enjoy working with the kids and while it doesn't pay much, I do get paid with lots of hugs, pictures and kisses.  I can wear jeans to work, I have an office, I can work around my kids schedules, bring my kids to work with me if I need to and wear costumes when necessary.
I have a great staff of youth that make me laugh and keep me on my toes, I have incredible co-workers and I couldn't ask for a better place to work.  I am not going to hide who I am or pretend to be someone I am not just so I don't upset some of the older folks in the church.  I am who I am and I get it done!  

Now if you'll excuse me church Meredith has had a long work weekend so she is now going to have a drink~cheers!


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