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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

not now kids, mommy needs to detox

I made it back safely to Oregon late last night and think I possibly may still be drunk. 
My posts may be going backwards since I had a plan to blog while in San Diego and while I took notes and wrote down my thoughts, I never quite got them on here.  If they are out of order or don't make sense, it's the alcohol. 

I was so exhausted I pretty much passed out and unfortunately for my husband, he will have to wait another night to see if sex with a 40 year old woman is better than sex with a 39 year old woman.
I am thinking I may need a new liver and I am pretty sure anyone in my family is out as a donor since none of their livers are quite up to par either.  We are in pretty deep shit if we ever really need one. 

After my 2 celebrity run ins~ OK OK~ B, more maybe C list celebrities I am thinking I can maybe name drop and do a stint in celebrity rehab now.

This morning, the first clue I was still in somewhat of a hungover induced state was the fact that I put Regan's underwear on Parker, good thing Regan was with it and pointed out I had the wrong underwear on him.  She said " Mommy. it's OK, I will get Parker dressed"  As we were trying to leave the house because I realized we were way late Regan said "Mommy, I don't think you want to take us to school in your pajamas.  True, thank you again Regan, so glad I have you to look out for me.

As I dropped Parker off I noticed 2 people looking at me and I was thinking why are they looking at me, is it my nose?, do I smell? are they debating if they should call 241-KIDS?  It was actually none of the above, I had 2 different gym shoes on.   Where were you on that one Regan???

I came home to clean my house because I am OCD and it was not the way I had left it and that really threw me into a all out tizzy.  My husband is awesome, I love him dearly and he is a great husband &  father, however, the play food goes in the pink basket, the tea party set goes in the purple basket, cars go in the green basket etc. etc.. How long have you lived here not to know these facts??  These are the kinds of things that on certain days I am pretty sure my poor husband regrets the day he met, let alone married me :) 
Now I am back to be super mommy even though I feel like all that alcohol may have stripped some of my super powers out of me.  Nothing a few mocha lattes and some ibuprofen can't fix.  So off I go clean my house, do the laundry, finish the Valentines, bake cookies with my kids, wipe snotty noses, drive Kyle to practice, pick up his book he knew he needed but forgot to tell me about until the last minute and so on... The list for super mommy never ends.  

Even though I had the most fabulous weekend of celebrating my birthday, I would take being super mommy over party girl any day.  I think there is always a way to balance the 2, because after all, us mommies do deserve to have fun.


  1. Again, dying laughing. "Where were you on that one, Regan?" LOL
    And I love how our husbands don't know where anything goes.....or so they say! When (if) Mike is unloading the dishwasher, there will be a pile of "misc" dishes that he "didn't know where they went". I just ask him "Where do you go to get it when you need it?". I always get the "Ahhhhhh" response and suddenly he knows where they go.

  2. EXACTLY Mindy!! I also always have a little pile of stuff waiting for me when he empties it. I give him an A for effort, but how long have we lived here (\this was more in our old house) and where did your get it from? That is where it goes back too! LOL