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Friday, February 4, 2011

Xanany cocktail~ YES PLEASE!

I am leaving on a jet plane, however, I do know when I will be back again.  I will be back to being a Mommy , a well rested mommy.  Hmmm  well after a weekend with my sister I will probably be a tired, hungover mommy in need of a new liver, soooo.. let's just say I will be back and happy to see my family again :)
I am going to miss my kids, although to anyone who has talked to me this past week may think otherwise. Those people would include the drycleaner, the barista at Starbucks,checkout lady at Safeway, Blockbuster as well as a few others.  I worked in retail and I know these people are trained to ask how you are doing to be polite and provide good customer service, but when you are asked how you are doing, no one really wants to know.  A simple good or fine will do.  Instead of saying "good thank you and you"? I rambled on about being a tired, worn out mommy who is going to San Deigo blah blah blah blah blah..... I could see these kind people with their fake smiles thinking Yay for you lady now move on.  
I have only been away from Regan and Parker once since they have been born. I have been away from Kyle alot more, but I used to have to travel for work and as Kyle got older he didn't care where I went, he was fine staying with Nana where he was spoiled rotten or a friends house.
As much as I have traveled and have had to fly for my job I have to admit, I am SCARED to death of flying.  Even though statistics say you are safer in a plane than in a car, I prefer to be on the ground and in control of my vehicle.  As everyone knows, I have control issues and a plane is one of many things I can't control.
Clint, my husband probably has many nail marks dug deep into his arm from years of flying with me when I forgot my Xanax or it hadn't kicked in before take off. He actually prefers to sit nowhere near me on a plane.
Therefore, when I fly I am usually somewhat medicated. The only time I am not medicated is when I fly with my kids which was only once when they were 1 and 2, I was by myself and I wont ever do that, again!
I take Xanax when I fly to calm the nerves and take the edge off, alot of people do it, so it is nothing to be ashamed of.  A Xanax and a shot at the bar or glass of wine and I am good to go.  Now I do realize that you are not supposed to have a glass of wine with the Xanax, but I only do it when I fly which is not that often anymore so no one check me into rehab with Lindsay Lohan just yet.

I will miss you Regan, Parker & Kyle, yes Clint I will miss you too!!  Mommy will be back a much better mommy after this trip and I look forward to all the hugs and kisses you will give me when I return.

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