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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sweet treats

Regan wanted to help me make some treats for her friends at church.  She saw me reading my friends blog about her son making rice krispy treats ( Hi Meghan and Diego) and said "Mommy, I want to do what that little boy is doing".
We went to the store, bought the supplies and came home to make our treats. Regan asked Parker if he wanted to help and was showing him the recipe cards she made on how to make these tasty treats.

Parker wasn't interested and went back to what he does best, watch bubble guppies in his underwear.

Regan was very excited to start our project because as she says " you are best cooker, crafter and mommy ever"  Hey. those are her words, not mine.  Mommy gets a thumbs up for being the best mommy. How can anyone resist that mischievous little face?

She wanted to make them pink for Valentine's day and we couldn't find the special Valentine rice kripsies or pink marshmallows. What is up with these Oregon grocery stores?  Oh well, that is a gripe for another day.

We put in red food coloring and stirred and stirred.  Then Regan got bored and left me to watch bubble guppies with her brother.

The finished resultCome to find out Regan doesn't even like rice kripsy treats.  That is just crazy talk!  She then decided her friends would eat them and she would eat Oreos, a good compromise I guess?? 

The rice krispy treats were a big hit with the kids at church and the employees.  A big thumbs up from everyone!

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