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Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's all fun & games until mom puts you on skis

My husband grew up skiing and it is his dream to ski with his children.  Regan has been asking to ski for some time now and Parker seemed undecided.  Since March is birthday month we decided to take the kids for some tubing fun and ski lessons.

The night before we packed up all our stuff, Regan kept talking all evening about how she was going to ski and how excited she was. She was going to get a good sleep so she would be ready to go.  She woke up pretty early came into our room and announced she had a good sleep and had lots of energy to ski.  We all got up, got dressed and hit the road for a fun filled family day.  The kids were so excited to see the snow.

We started out with tubing and the kids had a blast.  They laughed and squealed all the way up and down the hills.  We would get to the bottom and they would yell "let's go again, let's go again now".

Regan was so excited to get all geared up and ready to ski.

Look at these cute little future Olympic skiers all happy and ready to hit the slopes. We started out excited and ready to learn. 

Parker doing "the pizza" stance.  I see a gold medal in his future USA, USA.   Fast forward 15 minutes...............

Man down, man down.....

2 kids down...............  Sorry dad, looks like your dreams of little skiers just died :(

then it went from bad to worse, how worse you ask??

Both kids screamed to get the skis off, I had to carry both sets of skis, while Parker held onto my leg screaming he wanted his snow boots off.  Regan started taking her hat, gloves, goggles and coat off which I had to bend over and pick up with Parker attached to my leg screaming and 2 sets of skis.  Parker fell a few times and did a few dramatic roll overs and screeches that were best actor Oscar worthyAt this point I am frazzled, sweaty ,in desperate need of a drink and not happy we just dropped $100 + 32.00 for new goggles for the kids to decide they didn't want to ski.  Pretty sure I could have gotten some sweet boots or a sassy new outfit for that money. Instead what I do have is no sweet new boots, nor a sassy new outfit and 2 whining, mad, pissed off crabby kids.~Life is really freaking sweet in my world right now!!!

We finally make it to the lodge and Parker is still screaming "get these boots off  NOWWWWWWW mommy" and a dad looks at Parker and says " I was watching you buddy and you were doing good, just keep on trying" to which Parker looks at him, throws himself back on the ground, points up and says "stop talking to me, don't talk to me, I go home NOWWWWWWW".  Good thing this dad had a sense of humor and we both laughed and I continued on ,desperate to get back to the ski school change room.  We finally made and Parker continued to cry for no reason and I tried to calm him down but all he wanted to do was go home.  Clint was snowboarding so we had to wait.  Bribes of slushies and ice cream finally got him to calm down.  Yes, I bribe my children with sweet snacks for my sanity!   AS we walked to the lodge cafeteria, I saw a bar so I decided to get myself a drink.  By this point, we looked like hobo's.  I had Clint's huge ski bag, Regan had just her socks on, Parker had one snow boot on, one snow boot off and I looked like , well this.....

I get to the bar and they wouldn't serve me because I didn't have my ID, it was in the car.  I was practically begging the bartender to give me a drink and not only did I not have my ID, but I had my husbands credit card, so we were hobos with no ID"s and a credit card not in our name.  I guess I am lucky they didn't call security on us.  I had to settle for a red slushie and was thankful the lady in the cafeteria area let me use my husband's card with no ID.

We finally found daddy and decided to head home.

Regan fell asleep eating her snack.

and Parker just fell, I had to push him back upright and make sure he was still breathing.

Overall family fun day was 85% fun.  We missed Kyle who didn't go because it isn't cool to hang with your parents and little siblings now that you are 18. Tubing was the best part of the day and even though skiing was a disaster, We have funny memories and stories that will keep us laughing for years to come.


  1. After a morning tubing I wouldn't have enough energy to take ski lessons and would probably end up looking like Parker!

  2. You are so funny. Sorry it ended the way it did...