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Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year, New Me, Happy Family

Every year I make new years resolutions that I never keep and once again I made another one, but this year will be different because unlike all those years past, I AM KEEPING THIS ONE!

The last part of my 2011 was pretty crappy,  October started to go down hill, which lead to November, a surgery, a surgery gone wrong, another surgery, a stay in the hospital, a month long recovery followed by the starts of menopause. I was lucky to have wonderful friends who brought us meals, brought me coffee, rag mags, goodies and helped with our kids. For that I felt truly blessed.  Once I was cleared to drive,  I felt the taste of freedom and went full on into holiday mode which then lead to me looking like this.

My husband made me promise I needed to either start earlier next year or not take on more than I should and not try and make every happy because that makes him unhappy because I turn into a crazed, stressed mad woman.

As I turn 41 this year some days I feel 91.  I try to be young, hip and sassy, but some days I think I need a new hip.  Ive come to the day where I have to write everything down or I'll forget, soon I'll have to remind myself to shower on a post it on my bathroom mirror.  It's a sad day when you have to set your phone alarm and carry a reminder to remember to pick up your child at school.  A friend gave me a mommy journal that had a date book, meal planner, weekly shopping list and journal. so far it has really helped me.  Maybe she gave it to me for a reason?? hmmmmm

My resolution is not to over commit, I have a bad habit of this.  I cant seem to say no and alot of people know this and then you have very easy prey, ME.  I am very determined to keep to this resolution for various reasons.

1) I don't want to be stressed at the end of the day and be up until midnight baking cookies, cake pops or some kind of baked good because I couldn't say NO.  I am all about baking for my family, friends and school or functions, but in moderation. I am going to manage my time better.   Maybe store bought cookies instead of homemade, ghastly, I know, but hey something's gotta give. I doubt at my funeral someone is going to stand up and say "oh the horror, she brought store bought cookies to the moms group valentines day party." or at least I hope not.  I'll be dead anyways so I doubt I'll care.  I want to enjoy my evenings more and not worry about pleasing everyone ( except my husband of course~LOL) and I don't want to feel exhausted all the time.

2) I want to commit to myself and a more healthier lifestyle.  I am healthy already and eat well and exercise but I want to commit more to it. I want the whole family to be a part of that.Parker is starting basketball, Regan already plays soccer and is going to play t-ball, so I am lucky my kids love sports & are super active, I just need to get Parker on board with more healthier foods. I also want to to start running again.  I know I have limitations but I just want to make it part of my exercise routine and if I just do 5 to 10k then that would be fine with me.

3) It gets expensive when you over commit and take on to much and that is not fair to my husband since he is the one who brings home the bacon.  We are all for helping those who need help, but another resolution is to budget better and save more since.

4)I want to think ahead so when you simplify you can better plan ahead and that is what I want to do.

Since January 1st I have been using the meal planner and grocery list, planned out our meals and make a daily list of what I need to do and plan out my week.  Now it's only the 2nd week, but I am determined to stick to this plan.

When mommy's happy everyone is happy, when mommy is miserable, everyone is miserable and that is good for no one.

So here is to 2012, the year of the happy mommy, the simpler mommy,the slimmer mommy, the sexier mommy the more sane mommy.  Cheers !!                                                      

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  1. Great resolutions! I haven't committed to one, but I have a lot of things that come to mind. I just don't want to admit to any "resolutions" in case I fail. I usually do. :) glad you're back, maybe I should blog too.