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Monday, January 9, 2012

Just another manic Monday

My day started off when I woke up at 5:00 instead of 6 with my alarm which really made me mad , I laid in bed until 5:45 then got up & showered to start my day.  I looked at my planner, no, not to remind me to shower, but I do obviously need a reminder what day to wash my hair since I can go every other day and I often forget what day I'm on.
I made my coffee and was going to to start our meal for dinner and realized I forgot to take out the ground beef and there were a few steps other than just throwing it into the crockpot.  New Years Resolution Fail 1.
However, I can fix this! I will switch tomorrow's night meal with tonight's. I am back to being super mom again!
Super mom and Super dad are not so super when neither one can pick super daughter up at school~oops again. Good thing we have great friends who can help us, so thankful for that when calling your friend at 8am in the morning and she is ever so friendly as always.
I organize a bag for the morning, make sure Regan has everything in her backpack, straighten up the house and watch Regan re-enact her Oscar worthy performance of Veruca Salt singing I want it now in Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory for the 500th time and then off to school we go.  I head to Starbucks with my giftcard only to grab the wrong one so my free coffee ended up costing 4 something.  The coffee pod I bought for my future brother in law that cost 6.98 ended up costing me more to ship it. I then take off to a place I have been 5 times but put it in my GPS because I sometimes get turned around, I put in SE instead of NE and guess what I end up at the wrong place. I knew those roads didn't look familiar,ok turn around, cuss some and speed race off in the other direction, arrive, put my coffee down for it to be thrown away. Life could be worse, no use in crying over a thrown away 4+dollar Starbucks is there?? Oh yes it can be worse... what about the lady who asked me how far along pregnant I was and told me what a cute little pregnant person I was. come again??? I think I will go home and never eat again, thank you!

I had some time to kill between appointments so I stopped at the new Big Lots which was amazing, lots of bargains but not enough time to look, bummer, I will be going back before the newness and niceness is trashed.

I ran here, ran there, ran ran everywhere. picked up Parker to realize I wont have time to get Regan's from her friends because I have to be home because I am watching my friends kids who are being dropped off in 10 minutes~OH SHIT! Better drive it like I stole it.

Picked up my little dude, sped into my drive way to find this.... Oh Cincinnati Skyline, how I have missed you!! This made up for every other quirky bad thing that went wrong today.  Pretty sure my husband may come home one day and find me bathing in it, I LOVE IT THAT MUCH!!!!  So much for me starving myself!

At this point you may be saying to yourself..hmmmm.. didn't she say she was going to simplify her life??  Actually this is a simpler day for me.

I watch the kids,do some work on the computer for my job at the church and I  read an e-mail from our business office saying The Parent's Night Out Program received a $3,000 donation today... Yes you read that right $3,000 dollars.  Surely she meant 300.00 and typed 3,000 by mistake.  Nope it was $3,000, HOLY SHIT!!! God is GOOD!!!!!! I think I am still in shock, definitely feeling blessed .

I start to prepare dinner the load 3 kids in the car and pick my friends daughter up from school, drop my 2 plus my friends 2 off with a babysitter to maintain my sanity and head out for a run.  My ipod was put through the washer a few months ago, pretty boring to run without music, I need new running shoes, needless to say I made it 2 miles and walked 2 back. Better than nothing right?

Pick up my 2 kids, come home, finish dinner which was super yummy and I need to post on pinterest and chill on the couch watching some football with my hubby.  He told me to go look for some new running shoes & I am getting an Iphone for my birthday so I will have a sweet new phone and Ipod in one.  Yay hubby!!!! Maybe I'll just run at the gym in the meantime since I do have headphones, its cold out anyways and I don't like running in the cold, yes I'm wimpy that way. Did I mention I'm menopausal also? Yes that is always a fun workout or run with me!!
 As my manic Monday comes to a close, the kids are playing, we get ready for bathes, books and bed  and no matter how hectic my day gets or how much my kids can work the nerves I realize I am one lucky mommy.

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  1. I have to edit because after I sent this, I got an e-mail that the check was for $300, not $3,000~WOMP :( although $300 is still better than nothing and I am appreciative of any and all donations I receive to keep my programs running. Still funny how we communicated about the figure and 3000 kept coming back, Ellie really needs to get a keyboard that doesn't stick or new glasses~ LOL. Love her, she is the sweetest lady & I love working with her.