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Saturday, January 14, 2012

What's one more??

I only had 1 child for almost 13 years and I have to admit, having 1 is kind of nice.  He never even minded being the only child, he never wanted a sibling and had plenty of friends to play with. Our good friends and neighbors The Deyhle's had 3 kids when we moved in to our neighborhood when Kyle was 4, Ryan was Kyle's age and Shawn was pregnant with Zach.  Kyle & Ryan went off to kindergarten and became best buddies. Shawn had Zach and then became pregnant with Emma.  Kyle was always invited along and I always asked "Are you sure" and she always said "What's one more"?  When you only have 1 , 1 more seems like alot, apparently when you have 3 or 4 and you add more, it's no big deal. As Kyle got older and I started taking him and his friends places just one more was not as easy as Shawn & Greg made it.
Then I had 1 more and 12 months and 12 days later I had another one, then I had 3 kids. 

The other day Regan was at a play-date and I took Parker to NW kids Club to play with his friend Lennon.  Parker & Lennon are getting married one day, at least that is what they tell us. Parker really enjoys his one on one mommy time and he is a totally different child when he is just with me.  He is calmer,happier ( because his sister is not tormenting him, pushing him or bossing him), more talkative & much more cooperative. It is much easier to get one out of NW Kids club, McDonalds, the Museum or any other place.
Parker enjoys our Friday mornings when Regan is in school and it is just mommy & me time.  On the flip side Regan really enjoys her mommy & me time as well.  I really enjoy my kids and going places & doing fun things, but I will admit sometimes I do enjoy them more when I just have 1 with me.  I enjoy the no fighting, I enjoy not having to break up fights and the "mom, he did this, mom she did  that, mom tell her to stop, mom, mom, mom, mom........ 
Just one more isn't so easy for me, it may be for some moms, but not for me and I admit it.  Does that make me a failure?  Does that make me a bad mom? I don't think so, others might, but I know my limits. We still go and have fun, it just may mean I am a little more stressed when I have just one more, but it doesn't mean I don't love being a mom.

I may look like this when I come home but after a few glasses of this....
Life is ok :)

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