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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Have a New Kid By Friday? Believable or True good to be true?

Our Family Matters church group, well I should say my husband's as I am teaching Sunday School at that time ( I just go for the fun parties on Friday nights) is starting a new series.  This series is called "Have a New Kid by Friday" by  Dr. Kevin Leman.   At first I thought, have a new kid by Friday as in adopt? No thanks, that sounds illegal and I have enough kids thank you very much. Then I read further and realized what it was all about and I was curious yet skeptical.  Even more skeptical when I looked him up and saw the reviews and the lady who bought 10 copies for all her kids because he's that good.   Cha-Ching says Dr. Leman.   Not sure I even trust a dude that looks like this?? hmmmmmm
Yes, I am a skeptic, a skeptic of Dr. Spock, those people who write books on potty training your infant, the people who write books about having the happiest toddler on the block
  (sorry I read that book twice and while my kids are happy, they don't act like those kids "apparently" do in those books.  The worst I think is the potty training ones, that is just my opinion.  Give me real, give me Jenny McCarthy Belly Laughs who tells it like it is.  It's not glamorous, it's not pretty, it can suck at times, why sugar coat it? I babysat a sweet little girl once and at the end of the summer they gave me a present
(her mom was a teacher so I didn't have her over summer break), it was a book, somewhat on how to parent your kids, pretty sure that was an insult. My other friends who babysat got flowers and giftcards.    Why had she kept her daughter with me for so long?  Needless to say her daughter didn't come back and that friendship soon faded.  I also got a parenting book from an anonymous person in the mail once.  Apparently someone was to chickenshit to tell me I sucked as a parent.  To this day not sure who sent it, but pretty sure that person is even a suckier parent if they actually read that book that was written in the 70's when we lived in a safer time.  Who would leave there child in a grocery store and pretend to leave to scare them to staying with them next time.  Did they not know that is how John Walsh's son died, he went 1 aisle over in a store and then disappeared and was murdered.  I never let me children out of my sight.  Pretty sure that makes me the better person than the person who sent me that book!  What about the potty books where  people  think it's ok to put your 2/12 year old in a cold shower because they pee in their underwear while the parent is trying to potty train.  Again, in my opinion, that boderlines child abuse.  can't force a kid to potty train and pretty sure those kids will be bed wetter later in life or be scared to take a shower.  My point is  I am very skeptical and I am pretty sure I am not going to have a new kid by Friday and I am also pretty sure my kids are not that bad.  Yes, they don't listen sometimes, talk non-stop and have been known to have a public meltdown, but what kid hasn't?  I have seen kids in public act way worse so the way I see it, I'm doing pretty well ( with the exception of the airport incident of 2011)
I'm not the perfect parent but I volunteer at my kids schools,bakes cookies, make homemade treats, have organized fundraisers, I teach Sunday School, I am CO-VP of our moms club, my kids play sports, we go to many activities and do lots of fun things together.  Yes I have yelled at my kids, yes I make them play together instead of with me sometimes and yes I tell them mommy needs alone time sometimes. I'm sure there is more, but I will stop there.  If that is the worst parenting people see then maybe they need to go down to Family Building Blocks and see what true tragedy is.  Nothing pisses me off more than people who think they are the better parent, the better person or just overall better in general and to those people I say SUCK IT!
Will I have a new kid or 3 new ones in 5 days??? I'll keep you posted, I know you will all be waiting!

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