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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have several addictions....none of them require I go to a support group, but still one may call them addictions or my husband and family might. Among the most popular of mine are chocolate,wine,shopping,flavored coffees, neatness, crafting, facebook and now Pinterest.  Facebook and Pinterest are by far the cheaper addictions, but also the most time consuming. I spend less time on facebook now and more on Pinterest looking for recipes to make, crafts for my kids, home design ideas, birthday and party planning ideas. I'm pretty sure my husband wishes I had a sex addiction ( not the crazy, kinky kind you all are thinking), but sadly no luck on that one.

Chocolate is a relatively cheap addiction, but it can cause weight gain and that makes me miserable then we start on my exercise addiction and it's just a vicious cycle. I am trying to have us all eat healthier for 2012 and that means trying to keep chocolate out of the house.  I have never been one to gorge myself so I am pretty good about moderation. I'm not going to lie, I have been know to eat an entire sleeve of Oreo's in one sitting, but that may be the only thing I will eat that day. Today I may have eaten one to many chocolate chip cookies, but it was a snow day and the kids were home 4 days in a row, it was better than drinking, right?
Shopping, oh how I love to shop. Shopping makes me happy and feel vibrant & sassy, although I myself only work less than 20 hours a week so I really don't have the money to shop the way I would like and we do have 3 kids to support. My husband is a saver and a not a shopper so he doesn't quite share the love of shopping that I do.

I have somewhat of a coffee addiction and not your average black cheap cup of coffee addiction. I have the triple shot venti fancy Starbuck coffee addiction  I never drank coffee until I moved to Oregon and one of my employees who was in high school at the time got me hooked on Starbucks.  I then decided to buy a Keurig which I love and I am not sure how I lived without it or coffee for so long.
I really love my wine, not in an alcoholic sort of way, but it's a nice way to end a very hectic day or possible calm myself mid afternoon. Don't judge me, pretty sure some of you have done the same or thought about it.  I will only do that if I know I have no where to drive to.  After all a calmer mommy is a happier mommy. Let me emphasize a falling down drunk mommy is not good and I do not encourage that! 
I know there are moms out there who do not drink and there is nothing wrong with that, I went many years and never drank at home when Kyle was younger, of course I had alot more patience and only one child. 

What did I do before facebook? I obviously had way more time and was way more productive.I had heard people talk about it and had no clue what they were talking about, it had been around for awhile before I even knew what it was.  It was kind of neat to see old friends and talk to people I had lost touch with but I always wondered what the deal was with people who friended me and then never "talked" to me at all.  You never talked to me in school, so why friend me now? Well, we all know the answer, people are nosy and want to see what we are doing and what we look like. I have re-connected with people I am glad I had and living out of state it is nice to keep up with friends and family. The nosy people or people I am pretty sure don't give a rats ass about me have been defriended.
My husband has challenged me to log how many hours he thinks I spend on facebook and figure out exactly what I do.  I am not quite sure what I do to be honest except waste alot of time. I got sucked into some games ,mindless games. but it was the one place I had total control and it cleared my mind, it also wasted my time.  I have kicked that habit and moved onto Pinterest figuring at least that is somewhat productive, right?

I love to cook, bake craft, plan parties, find good deals, dream about my dream house etc.. etc.. 
Along came Pinterest. It was founded on Thanksgiving Day in 2009, so why did I just find out about this site late 2011?? Same with Facebook, founded 2006 and I didn't really know about it until 2009, do I live in a bubble?  Pinterest is more productive than facebook, I have used many recipes to make dinners, appetizers for parties, crafts for parties. Regan likes to get on Pinterest and look at crafts with me so that is always fun and she loves to look at "all the pretty things" people post.
  I am in the process of planning Regan & Parker's birthday party and they want a Willie Wonka theme so a good part of my day today was spent researching that as well as ideas for the moms group Valentine's Day party and Valentine's ideas for the kids classmates.  I did find a good chicken pot pie recipe that I did make for dinner, so the day was not all a total waste.

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