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Monday, January 31, 2011

My semi-charmed kind of life

When my husband accepted a job in Salem, Oregon I was excited but scared, happy yet sad.  It was an exciting new adventure for us, but I wasn't one for change and I didn't want to leave my neighbors and friends.  I had the most amazing neighbors.
 What new neighborhood is going to have a polk-a-dot gang?
 Who is going to have a neighbor who will take my kids to Coney and forget to buckle them in there carseats? ( LOL)
 What neighborhood is going to have a little girlfriend for Parker?

What neighborhood is going to have friends who will drink wine at 11:00 am on a Saturday morning?

Who will throw you a great party if I move away again?

So while my husband Clint came to Oregon, we stayed in Ohio for a few months for the kids to finish up school, pack,  find new doctors, dentists, schools,gets things organized etc etc.. I was a single mom and at first I wasn't to happy, but then we got into our routine and as much as I LOVE my husband, I also loved our new routine.  The little ones had a hard time and I was sad at times, but my awesome friends, neighbors and family made sure I was never lonely.  Everyone kicked in to help pack, mow the lawn, help with the pool, watch the kids; I was very lucky and I didn't want to leave. The months flew by and the day came for us to say goodbye and that is a whole other post because there were alot of tears and the 5 day trek to Oregon... well, that could be a novel in itself!

We settled in and the first month was hard, I was lonely and found myself at McDonalds playland,alone texting my friends back home wishing they were here or I was there.  I found a part time job hoping that would fill the sadness and it did.  I finally had found my calling and felt like I had a purpose.  The kids started pre-school and I am able to work around their schedule.  I get to plan crafts, decorate rooms and plan fun activities.While I met some really nice people, I was still feeling lonely and just didn't seem to find the right group of people to "click" with. The type of people who liked to drink wine ( no I am not an alcoholic,although I do seem to talk about wine alot), go out without their kids, have a good time and let loose every so often . I was looking for the type of people from back home and was beginning to think they didn't exist.  I was introduced to one mom through a friend, we met, our kids played and got along. I felt like a dork that I was excited that I may have met someone that I could actually hang out with.  Come to find out that she didn't like me and she finally told me she didn't have "room" for any more friends right now.  I cried, how could anyone not like me?? I was nice, funny ( I thought), outgoing, giving and my kids are somewhat on a  good day behaved and polite.

I felt sorry for myself for a few weeks and then looked into the West Salem's Mom Club.  I received an e-mail back right away and was invited to a social.  The kids and I went and everyone was very kind and friendly so I decided to join.  I jumped right in with going to activities and joining committees, I had nothing else to do, right?  Because of this wonderful group of ladies, I have made some amazing friends, my kids have made alot of friends and I am feeling so much better and happier about living here in Salem, Oregon.

Thank you ladies for making me feel so welcome, making me laugh and being my drinking buddies :)  If it were not for these ladies I would also not have had the courage to start this blog.  A big thank you to Meghan, Rachel and Mindy who encouraged me and have helped me with this new endeavor.

For those of you who are wondering how my day has gone, I was able to show my face back in Target, but it wasn't Keiser, I was a chicken and went to Lancaster.  Parker did very well going to school without his sister so that makes me feel so much better about next year when they are in different schools.  Regan went to the Dr. and I feel really bad for calling her a drama mama because she did have joint swelling and pain due to an allergic reaction to amoxicillan.  That is also what caused the rash and hives.  Now I have 2 kids allergic to amoxicillan and I will have to sell a kidney to afford medication when they get sick since it is way more expensive to get something other than penicillin's.  Good thing I work 10-20 hours a week!!
After the Doctor Regan wanted to go to the craft store and get more craft supplies because "I am the BEST MOMMY and CRAFTER EVER" and she wanted to get more supplies to finish the crafts we started last night.  How can a mommy say no to that?  Not only was a the best mommy and crafter, I am also beautiful!  Now she gets anything she asks for.   After 3 stores and alot of money later, I am thinking I better re-think that facebook comment I made to my husband earlier because I may have to have sex to make him forget about how much I just spent on myself and his daughter.  I don't think that 10-20 hours a week will cover what I just spent~oops.  Funny how when you just have one child with you how much more behaved they are, makes me think I should have spaced my children all out over 13 years and my life would have been much simpler.  As I purchased the book Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella I laughed because 1) I am not a reader and only read her books) and 2) I looked over at Regan who had a basket full of stuff and kept saying ooh mommy this is pretty, I must get this.  I have created a monster, a little shopping monster.  I can say I come by it honestly, my mom gets a Christmas card from the president of Macy's every year and they call sending out a SOS when they don't see her weekly ( I am exaggerating, but they do all know her at Macy's)
While my husband is happy buying his jeans at (gasp) SAMS or COSTCO, I am a shopping snob, I will admit, but since I am now a mom I have learned to search for the better deals.
So now I am off to bake cookies for the kids, finish up the crafts I promised them and do some work.  I also better rest up since my husband has been gone for 5 days, so ladies we all know what that means... I think I feel a headache coming on :)


  1. I'm so glad we all convinced you to start a blog. You are a very entertaining writer. I thought I posted a comment on your first post, but I don't see it. I still feel bad for being "that person" who made the face about the age difference in your two little ones. :) You've done fabulous with them!

  2. Oh gosh Meghan, please don't! It was just so funny because we were talking about it and you were sitting right there, I thought you heard what we were saying then you asked and made that face. That is what made it so funny. I am enjoying this blogging so we'll see how it goes :)

  3. I agree that you are a very entertaining writer. I enjoy reading your posts. I laugh every time! And I am that MOMS Club has been a good fit for you. You are a great addition!

  4. Haha...Welcome to Oregon! It looks like you had some great friends in Ohio, but we are glad you are here! Love your blog girl!