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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today started just like every other day except Regan woke up early because she was afraid she wouldn't see her daddy before he left for the airport.  Waking up 5:47 am equals a long day for mommy and even longer when daddy is out of town.  Parker didn't wake up until almost 10am and we needed to leave to meet our moms group for coffee chat at 10:30am.  
Everyone was dressed and ready, we had CJ hightops (the giraffe), Mia ( the cat), Alison ( the elephant) and blankies all in tow as we left the house.
We went to a new coffeehouse that had a kids playroom which was very nice, we may go every week and hope no other moms catch on.  Why isn't there a place where us moms can get coffee or wine ( LOL) while the kids play.  Like a Chuck E Cheese, but with less dirty , creepy and scary people.
CoffeeChat was fun and the kids were very well behaved, their credit card machine was down and the gal at the counter told me to come back and try again on my way out which I forgot and felt awful so I called and told them I would be back tomorrow with cash. We then ventured to Michael's to get some Valentine craft supplies, Parker found some trucks and I explained if he gets these trucks he does not get a toy at Target, he happily agreed.  Off to Target we go, seemingly happy until demons then took over my children and meltdown mania kicked in.  Regan wanted at $20.00 toy, I said she could have a $5.00 toy, Parker decided he didn't want his trucks anymore and he wanted a Thomas toy.  They yelled and screamed, antagonized each other and drove me to want to open a bottle of wine right there in the wine section.   Some crazy old lady was kind enough ( I say this with sarcasm) to tell me how to handle my screaming, obnoxious children to which I replied to her to mind her own damm business.  Not very Christian I realize, but some people just don't know when to butt out.  I would like to say we gracefully and quietly excited Target, but that would be a big fat lie.  Regan pulled on Parker, he pushed her, she pushed him and he wacked her on the head with a toy and they both started screaming again.  The mom behind me gave me a sympathetic smile like she had been there many times and a few laughed as I knew they felt my pain and I grabbed my bags and left.  Still screaming in the parking lot since I took both toys away.  Before getting them buckled in I made them say sorry, hug and calm down.  After all tears were dried, we went about to our next stop. Regan started to fall asleep onto our next stop lunch, she melted down as we were walking into the resturant so I decided not to even try, so McDonalds drive-thru it is for the 2nd time this week.
We ran our last few errands and arrived home totally exhausted and in need of a Xanax and glass of wine.  I put on the DVD's from blockbuster hoping to get them calm and Parker decides he doesn't feel like walking to the potty and just pees right there on the carpet, why? no clue!!
Things seem to calm down as both kids fall asleep on the couch only to be woken by some dumbass ringing my doorbell asking me if I want meat delivered to my door.  Not only do I not want your meat, you better run for your life for just waking up my kids!
Parker finally decided to play cars in the playroom while Regan decided to play Doctor with me.  She brought her Barbie computer down, asked me what my problems were and to tell her.  I asked "What did you say"? She said "Mommy, I know you have problems, you can tell me"  At that moment my kids were my problem, but as sweet as she is I didn't want to tell her that, so I kept it to myself and told her mommy was tired and had a headache.  She said, "mommy, that seems to happen alot".  Why yes it does and after our outing today,  can you blame me?
Dinner had been cooked, almost time for bath then it will be bed time and I will be able to have my wine and enjoy my peace and quiet.  
Tomorrow we get to wake up and start this fun party all over again.

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