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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Regan's Garden

I have never had a green thumb, I always longed for one and would dream of a beautiful garden with vegetables a plenty and my front yard flowing with beautiful flowers.  With my bright white teeth, sassy gardening hat and tools I would tackle my yard to have the most beautiful flower beds and garden on the block.

Instead mine always looked like this  :(  I did everything the books said and took advice from the gardening experts yet I never was a success.  Not even the topsy turvy tomato planter from QVC that my mom bought me with the money back guarantee that anyone can grow tomatoes.  Sadly, that didn't even work :(

not one damm tomato, they all died and I did everything it said.  If I can't even grow a veggie with the topsy turvy, there was no hope for me.

Regan has decided that she wants to be a gardener and has great aspirations of a beautiful garden.  I don't have the heart to tell her mommy will probably kill it.

She insisted on these plants from the dollar bin at Target and excitedly wanted to start on them the minute we got out of the car.
Regan was very serious about her gardening.
 She was very careful and followed my instructions
( for once :))
We started with a few basic flowers, a veggie and some herbs.

Regan every hour asked if they had grown yet and I realized it was going to be a lonnnnnng day.   Every morning she checked to see if her flowers had grown and one morning she got a nice surprise.

The flowers had started to sprout ( this was taken today, so they weren't this big a week ago) and her basil, chives and mini tomatoes are starting to come along as well.

She is so proud and we have already bought more veggies and flowers to try some more.  Hopefully she got the green thumb in the family and I wont have to explain why none of our crops survived :)

on a side note.. who dressed this kid today??