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Saturday, April 9, 2011

6 years or does it feel more like 60??

Today is my 6 year wedding anniversary to Clint.  After everything we have been through the past few years it seems more like 60 years but we are still happy (sometimes), and still  madly in love as ever ( ask him that when "aunt flo" is in town) and his answer may be different.

If you ask Clint he will tell you I told him we were getting married and that he really didn't have much of a choice. There is some truth to that because had I waited for him to bring up marriage, 6 years later we would still be living together most likely.

We had a beautiful church wedding and an incredible reception that was one big party and tons of fun.  So much fun I forgot I had to be sewn into my wedding dress because the zipper broke right before we left for pictures and Clint had to cut me out of it that night ( talk about romantic!!)  That is also the reason in most of the wedding pictures my boobs are practically up to my chin.

Clint is the most patient, kind, giving, gentle and sweet man I have ever met.  He puts up with alot and dealing with me can be alot.  He still reminds me I sold myself as low maintenance when in reality I really am high maintenance.   I also apparently sold him a "bill of good" that expired after we said I do. ( if you don't know what I am talking about, I can explain it later)

After being together over 8 years, married for 6  with 2 kids + Kyle later, we have survived alot of ups and downs and as much as we get on each others nerves ( which is ALOT) I know that there is no other man for me.  I can not imagine my life without  Clint and as much as I probably complain ( because I do complain, ALOT) and I still don't quite get his sense of humor , Clint makes me so incredibly happy and I am very lucky he didn't leave me years ago :)


  1. Happy Anniversary! You crack me up, all your honesty! Eddie and I got married in 2005, too! Here's to many more!

  2. The man should be a saint..but this is very nice :)